vrijdag 17 december 2010

Tense the fuck up!

So it's almost show-time. This sunday it's D-day. It's the .. end-exam, of sorts, of my make up school. This is all fine and dandy and I'm stoked as hell, but I just wish they'd tell me more. All I know is where to be and when. They refuse to tell who your model is or what the assignment is beforehand. Sure, exciting, and very reality-like, yet I can't help but dread the weight my bag's going to be. Seeing as I won't know what to expect I'll be dragging pretty much every little feather or pot of glitter I have along with me. Somewhere far and deep inside me I hear a little voice telling me that it's probably gonna be all natural with one of them damnedest smokey eyes as 'build up', but I think I'm wholeheartedly refusing to acknowledge that quite probable truth.

I'm stocking up on reserve-madness.

If you have no idea -> Go Aquacolour seems like a plausible plan to me.

Keep me in mind this sunday, folks.

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