vrijdag 26 november 2010


Itching to update, but I'm being varily sabotaged. Ever since my harddrive crashed my computer refuses to acknowledge the existence of either my printer/scanner, my camera or anything audio, for that matter. So I don't have anything to post as the pictures won't load and I can't scan my homework. Or make pictures of my homework and scan faces. Anything. Nothing. I'll find a way to fix it soon.

donderdag 18 november 2010

First two lessons..

We did nothing but smokeys. These are my first attempts ever on the lovely G. and A. I'd also like to congratulate A. on her successful eyebrow-plucking rehab-month. Sehr gut.

woensdag 17 november 2010


Something I'd done on myself before I'd ever even considered doing something with make up for real.

Obviously I had no clue about anything eyebrow.

DJ Hell at ADE2010 Promo Video.

With only 3 lessons behind me, I was asked to do the make up for a promo video of a party at club AIR during the Amsterdam Dance Event. Luckily I knew both the stylist and one of the art directors so that I could warn them what a bloody novice I was. They told me to shut up and have some faith in myself. So that, albeit scared shitless, is what I did.

You'll have to excuse me for the rather experimental noob-ass editing, but I've lost photoshop when my harddrive crashed so now I'm subjected to third grade e-editing programs and got carried away by their total incompetence.

All I'd officially learned was a basic and a smokey eye, but having been a Gothic in my younger years I was rather at ease with black lipstick, luckily.

So glad I didn't completely fuck things up.

This is the end result!

Practice Sesh: G.

After the second lesson we were told to practice on people surrounding us. Seeing as I don't like to bother people when they're near enough to suckerpunch me much, I usually, if at all, practice on people who supposedly love me without limits. This being my mom, my roommate and of course, my love.

Just a severe smokey, is all.


Last lesson was about Asian looks. Asian, in make up, apparantly meaning Geisha. My lovely A. being the most gorgeous half Asian in town I'd asked her to model for me.

After demonstrations we were given some freedom to do a 'Geisha' look of our own. Not particulary fond of copying, or just severely despising conforming, I took a little more freedom than I was originally offered.

Weird as it may be, I was given mad props. Ka-ching.


Seeing as make up is all I can think about lately, here's another attempt of mine at keeping a blog in order and updated for your general entertainment. If you know me, you have duly noted the word 'attempt' already and will not have any expectations on its actual fulfillment. However, if you have no idea of who I am- join the club- I'd say you should follow your prior's example.

This will be me keeping a sort of timeline of my progress towards becoming a make up artist, nothing more and nothing less. It will concern topics that either inspire, fascinate or appall me as well as the occasional girly shrieks about whatever redundant little overpriced pot of powder I've bought now or updates on jobs/work/looks I've done.

This will NOT be a YouTube'esque parade of make-up-product reviews and How-To-Smokey-Eye's. No tutorials, no requests. I honestly could care less about your need to learn, go figure it out like I have done.

With that I bid thee adieu.