zondag 26 december 2010

Aaaaand... Work. Work. Work.

Okay so I'm all fat and happy, now it's back to my vile schemes of shallow world domination.

Wednesday we're (meaning Catharina G., Dieuwertje H. and me) shooting. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere with 4 blonde chicks from some sect. Rather disconcerting. Still have to 'develop' some looks for it. Will do tomorrow.

Last thursday I assisted Yokaw at a shoot. She said she 'needed' me to help out put the stuff on 5 male models. Ofcourse I gladly helped her out, I'm keen to.. learn.
From what I could see on set the shots are gorgeous.. Will post result later, I took some shots with my phone but I then dropped that in the toilet after which my little niece took it swimming in her diet coke yesterday so I don't think the shots are salvagable much. Sadface.

Oh, and my Canon EOS 400D camera died.

I do believe I'm actually being sabotaged.

dinsdag 21 december 2010

Christmas time.

Some awesome stuff coming up, but first I'm gonna stuff myself. So until then, here's a really cool picture.

vrijdag 17 december 2010

Last lesson.

Was a repetition of everything we've done. And yeah that means a smokey eye.
I'm starting to fucking despise smokey eyes.

Thanks to my dear Joscha for sitting for me, sorry I had to turn you into some sun-depraved 90's goth. Loveyou xoxo.

Tense the fuck up!

So it's almost show-time. This sunday it's D-day. It's the .. end-exam, of sorts, of my make up school. This is all fine and dandy and I'm stoked as hell, but I just wish they'd tell me more. All I know is where to be and when. They refuse to tell who your model is or what the assignment is beforehand. Sure, exciting, and very reality-like, yet I can't help but dread the weight my bag's going to be. Seeing as I won't know what to expect I'll be dragging pretty much every little feather or pot of glitter I have along with me. Somewhere far and deep inside me I hear a little voice telling me that it's probably gonna be all natural with one of them damnedest smokey eyes as 'build up', but I think I'm wholeheartedly refusing to acknowledge that quite probable truth.

I'm stocking up on reserve-madness.

If you have no idea -> Go Aquacolour seems like a plausible plan to me.

Keep me in mind this sunday, folks.

BLEND Magazine x Justin Blyth of Them Thangs

If you're ever wondering where I get my 'inspiration' from.. it's pretty much this.

My friend Juse. He's awesome and so his blog is made of awesome and I'd be really fucked if it didn't exist. So there. Have this fancy feather up your arse, Juicykins.

Some shots of Hola Chola.

That I made myself.

I need to get me some bloody Photoshop. This shit ain't right.


My roommate is one of the most awesome and original chicks on this planet and I'll do her make up everyday for the rest of my life if she'd want me to.

donderdag 16 december 2010

Practice Sesh: G. #2

I dreamt about this. So that morning when I woke up I painted this on his sleeping face.. But it really struck me when he opened his eyes.

(Don't mind his look, I assume it's rather weird to wake up to your make-up-smeared girlfriend obsessively taking pictures of you at insanely close proximity.)

I think this is one of the prettiest (rough version, ofcourse) concepts I've ever conjured up and I'm probably gonna slather this on everyone I can get my hands on. Beware.


Finally got my camera to load, except for this one make up I made my man suffer through. Madness. So here's a few shots.

We had to do this in class. Quite fond of it, I used to wear my lipstick like that when I was all goth 'nd bothered. Though me being 13 then, I daresay it was less precise.. Not bad for a first 'official' try, says I.

That night I went to work @ Jimmy Woo as every sunday. Like this. I like to think of it as Twiggy à la Ace. The lid is liquid silver, btw.

vrijdag 10 december 2010

Testshoot Renee @ Ego's Models.

Sem "asked" me to do the make up for this try-out testshoot he had planned (for the next day, his mastery of last-minuteness has no bounds) with a plus-sized model. Figuring I could use all the practice I could reasonably get- and being hellbent on figuring out his current work- I joined in.

And this is what happened.

First time ever doing natural stuff..

woensdag 8 december 2010

Hola Chola at Supperclub Video.

So a week or two ago I was supposed to assist Yokaw at the shooting of the new Hola Chola's promo-videoshoot, done by Bubba.

All in all I ended up doing 2 out of 3 of the make up looks with Yokaw doing hair. Rather glad how it turned out, too.


zaterdag 4 december 2010


It's 4:17am, but at least I finished my homework. I'm starting to develop a severe hatred for all things paper. Screw this, let me put it on your face.

The assignment was something to do with charities. I figured African ones would be thoroughly represented during class so I digressed. I decided to pick a charity foundation I'd found out a while back, S.O.P.H.I.E. .

It's about aesthetic diversity and the lack of respect for it. Seeing as I've had my fair share of namecalling on whatever city's streets I personally felt more for this than any other foundation. I'm not a very charitable person.

At first I'd chosen Wolves & Humans, but as I was busy glueing fur hairs one-at-the-time I'd figured me using the fur of my own beloved furcoats for an animal-centered foundation was utter bullshit.

Now for my 4 hours of sleep.

P.S. Oh- the idea behind the make ups was to show there's more to a person than whatever they choose to smear on their face, by using a mask-like idea.