zondag 26 december 2010

Aaaaand... Work. Work. Work.

Okay so I'm all fat and happy, now it's back to my vile schemes of shallow world domination.

Wednesday we're (meaning Catharina G., Dieuwertje H. and me) shooting. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere with 4 blonde chicks from some sect. Rather disconcerting. Still have to 'develop' some looks for it. Will do tomorrow.

Last thursday I assisted Yokaw at a shoot. She said she 'needed' me to help out put the stuff on 5 male models. Ofcourse I gladly helped her out, I'm keen to.. learn.
From what I could see on set the shots are gorgeous.. Will post result later, I took some shots with my phone but I then dropped that in the toilet after which my little niece took it swimming in her diet coke yesterday so I don't think the shots are salvagable much. Sadface.

Oh, and my Canon EOS 400D camera died.

I do believe I'm actually being sabotaged.

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