zaterdag 4 december 2010


It's 4:17am, but at least I finished my homework. I'm starting to develop a severe hatred for all things paper. Screw this, let me put it on your face.

The assignment was something to do with charities. I figured African ones would be thoroughly represented during class so I digressed. I decided to pick a charity foundation I'd found out a while back, S.O.P.H.I.E. .

It's about aesthetic diversity and the lack of respect for it. Seeing as I've had my fair share of namecalling on whatever city's streets I personally felt more for this than any other foundation. I'm not a very charitable person.

At first I'd chosen Wolves & Humans, but as I was busy glueing fur hairs one-at-the-time I'd figured me using the fur of my own beloved furcoats for an animal-centered foundation was utter bullshit.

Now for my 4 hours of sleep.

P.S. Oh- the idea behind the make ups was to show there's more to a person than whatever they choose to smear on their face, by using a mask-like idea.

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