woensdag 17 november 2010

DJ Hell at ADE2010 Promo Video.

With only 3 lessons behind me, I was asked to do the make up for a promo video of a party at club AIR during the Amsterdam Dance Event. Luckily I knew both the stylist and one of the art directors so that I could warn them what a bloody novice I was. They told me to shut up and have some faith in myself. So that, albeit scared shitless, is what I did.

You'll have to excuse me for the rather experimental noob-ass editing, but I've lost photoshop when my harddrive crashed so now I'm subjected to third grade e-editing programs and got carried away by their total incompetence.

All I'd officially learned was a basic and a smokey eye, but having been a Gothic in my younger years I was rather at ease with black lipstick, luckily.

So glad I didn't completely fuck things up.

This is the end result!

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